Promolux lighting is ideal for butchers and meat display cases

Lamps for Cases

Display case lighting used for meat, known as butcher lamps used to cast an unrealistic red color on meat when in the display case. These lamps became known for misrepresenting the true color and they have been banned by many states of the US, as well as other countries around the world.

Promolux is approved for meat display cases. Showing the true color of the meat, Promolux display case lighting is used world wide by many meat departments and butchers looking for superior color rendering in their premium cuts of meat.

The unique balance of color of the phosphors used in Promolux ensures choice cuts of meat stay fresh and are shown in their natural vibrant colors. Ultimately, this helps garner sales.

Glazed Ham
Glazed Ham

As a balanced spectrum, low radiation lamp, Promolux is unique in how it benefits the shelf life of meat. Butchers and professional meat cutters are always pleased with how well Promolux prevents their steaks and roasts from tanning and drying out prematurely.

With Promolux installed in your meat showcases you can be confident that the time and effort you spend in preparing a fine cut of meat will have been worth it. Even better, you will gain greater customer loyalty as your customers respond favorably to the quality of meat being offered.