Promolux lighting is ideal for butchers and meat display cases

Impact of Poor Lighting on Meat

Meat products are especially vulnerable to the effects of poor lighting and radiation. The use of improper lamps in a display case featuring meat can have costly consequences for any merchandiser.

Meat retail is judged by discerning customers primarily by the way it appears in its showcase. Traditional fluorescent lamps often make meat look as if it has a yellow/green tinge. This is an obviously undesirable color scheme which has often prompted some butchers to utilize unethical, and in some states illegal, red meat lamps. Only Promolux lamps are a perfectly ethical and legal solution to this problem. The proprietary color-coating on all Promolux bulbs ensures that all display case merchandise is presented in its most natural and appealing color range with no artificial distortion or enhancement. Promolux lamps are a proven method of boosting sales based on eye appeal.

A diminished appearance is not the only risk associated with traditional florescent light bulbs. Studies have proven that the light and heat radiations emitted by common florescent bulbs can discolor, shrink, and prematurely spoil the perishable products they illuminate. The costs associated with the shrinkage, re-packaging, discount, and discard of affected merchandise are significant. Furthermore, perishable products affected by radiation register far higher bacteria counts, often rendering these items unfit for retail.

Glazed Ham
Glazed Ham

Only Promolux Lamps Lower Radiations while Boosting Profits

Only Promolux lamps are proven to significantly lower all three kinds of harmful radiation and contribute to a longer shelf life for perishable products in your display cabinets. Using Promolux lamps ensures that your meat merchandise can be safely sold at its highest market price for the longest period of time. Add to this the reduced costs of product re-wrap, discount, or discard, and it is easy to see how investing in Promolux lamps contributes positively to your bottom line!

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