Promolux lighting is ideal for butchers and meat display cases


Maket Group Ventures - For over 30 years, Market Group Ventures (MGV, Inc.) has produced innovative retail solutions that conserve energy, protect and prolong the shelf life of perishable items.

Promolux Lighting- PROMOLUX lights are balanced spectrum low radiation merchandising lights designed to showcase merchandise in the most appealing light.

Econofrost- Econofrost is a heat reflective woven aluminum night covers that is easily installed as a retrofit application on a variety of open refrigerated cases.

Lamb Roast
Lamb Roast

"There is a very good presentation in the meat case with Promolux fluorescent lamps. The meat has a good look of freshness and the shrinkage rate is now minimum average of 12.5 pounds a day, versus 55 pounds with regular lamps. The meat used to dry and burn, now the meat lasts 3 to 4 days with good appeal and with the other lamps we had to discard the meat as shrinkage after one day.

Ismael Sanchez. Store Manager
Super 99 Punta Pacifica